We have developed a second prototype of a soft textile breadboard. You can sew or solder components on it.

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Hi Riccardo,

this is awesome! Can you tell me more about it? I would love to blog about it. If you have any further information/details, please email me! Thanks for sharing!
Hi Syuzi,
this is a knitted fabric that is being developed to solve the lack of 100% soft textile breadboards. It is a striped fabric with a 2.54 mm pitch (the same one you find on standard breadboards) so you can attach components, even IC's, with little effort. Non conductive stripes are alternated to conductive stripes, made of metal wire. There are currently two ways for attaching components, one is sewing components legs to the fabric and the other one is soldering them. Both materials are in fact chosen so that they resist the temperature of a soldering iron. This fabric has some streatchability, non so much due to the presence of metal fibers. We know very little about washability, but we have good chances that one of the two systems will pass the washability test. In the next couple of weeks we will put it on our shop plugandwear.com, along with explainations of the two techniques for the attaching components. And then..suggestions and comments from users are always welcome.
There are some picture on flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/plugandwear/sets/72157622578992906/ and a video on youtube
Let me know if you need anything else.
Thanks for such a timely post. I guess your article have covered all the grounds related to this issue. I liked your efforts and hard work.

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